Meanings of "top" in Turkish English Dictionary

Meanings of "mistake" in English-Arabic Dictionary
Category English Arabic
abbreviation mistake أخطأ
abbreviation mistake أساء فهم
adverb mistake خطأ
abbreviation mistake خطأ في الأسماء
abbreviation mistake غلط
adverb mistake غلطة

A known mistake is better than an unknown truth. خطأ معلوم خيرٌ من حق مجهول.
Do you think he made that mistake on purpose? هل تظنه أخطأ عمدًا؟
You made the same mistake as last time. أخطأت نفس خطإكَ المرة السابقة.
You have made the very same mistake again. وقعت في نفس الخطأ مرة أخرى.
Excuse me for opening your letter by mistake. سامحني على فتح خطابك عن طريق الخطأ.